Pop Quiz

Ok, people.

Quick:  Name five other demographic groups that are casually stereotyped and mocked by popular entertainers for their star-studded theme birthday parties, without any apparent concern about potential backlash.

Heck. Name any other demographic group that  would called  “trash” in the invitation to anything, let alone a birthday party that would obviously be part of the entertainer’s publicity package.

Ten points for the correct answer:  Poor white people!

Extra credit will be granted for every substantial difference — beyond income — between the poor white people they mock and themselves, but don’t bother suggesting any of these:

Hypersexualized women?  Nope

“Knocked up” before marriage?  Nope

Personal Integrity?  Nope

Wisdom?  Nope

Exactly what is it that these people are mocking?

Or, you can skip the quiz all together and instead do a book report on Matt Wray’s book White Trash where readers learn a great deal about the social construction of the stereotypes and the harsh economic realities that they mask.