General Backkground Information on Class

People Like Us
Companion website to the PBS documentary “People Like Us”. Includes some interactive features and resources on class.

Center for Working Class Studies
The intellectual home of the emerging field of Working Class Studies.

Class Action
An comprehensive website from an excellent organization working against classism on multiple fronts.

Poverty USA
Multimedia slide show depicting the development of a household budget for a family living below the poverty level.

Social Inequality and Class
Extensive data based on publications, websites, and organizations on class issues globally.

Center for the Study of Working Class Life
Michael Zweig’s center. The website includes links to the Working Class Studies Association.

K-12 Schooling

Educational Needs Index
National data down to the level of counties on educational funding, access, and economic opportunity

Children’s Books about Labor and Working Class Life

Rethinking Schools
Grassroots teacher organization that publishes an excellent magazine and books on teaching for social justice.

Higher Education

Know How to Go
Information for students who aspire to be the first in their families to attend college.

Student Debt Alert
Resources to understand (and to act against) the rising levels of student debt.

First in the Family
Information for first-generation students about applying for and succeeding in college.

Transitions to College
Resources for examining transitions to college and success once there for disadvantaged youth. Includes searchable data base, links, publications.

Class on Campus

A yahoo group for connecting people interested in issues of social class on college campuses.

The Economic Mobility Project

Reports from the Pew Foundation on family income mobility, with separate reports comparing black and white families and mobility and gender.

Working Class/ Poverty Class Academics

An informal organization that supports this webpage and maintains a lively listserv in which academics from various disciplines discuss the consequences of their backgrounds as poor and working class children.