Might You Be Writing about Social Mobility and Education?

I’m happy to announce that I am now under contract to edit a book series on Mobility Studies and Education with Sense publishers. You can view the announcement here (PDF), and for those who need a good reason to click, here’s a summary of the major themes within which I’m seeking book proposals:

  • Interrogation of stories of educational “success” against the odds for what these cases might teach about social class itself.
  • Examination of the psycho-social processes by which people traverse class borders, including the social construction of ambition and achievement in young people marginalized from the academic mainstream by class, race, or gender.
  • Explorations of economic mobility within developing countries. How is formal education implicated in these processes?

Sense is an academic publisher, and I’d be very interested in proposals that cross traditional academic disciplines.

Who is doing research and writing in these neglected areas?