Social Class Links 10/06/2015

  • More on the new admissions systems. Advocates promise that less emphasis on tests will be good for low-income students, but it’s not at all clear that low-income students have the supports for more complex systems of documentation.

    “But critics said the system was excessively complicated and would end up favoring both wealthy applicants and wealthy colleges. Many said the new system was tailor-made for those who hire private counselors or attend private high schools with low student-counselor ratios. Others questioned the criteria for membership in the coalition, saying that those rules blocked from membership the colleges most low-income students attend.”

    “And that drew attention to an argument coalition supporters made repeatedly: the choice for many low-income students is not between the portfolio and a caring high school counselor with a realistic workload, but between the portfolio and a general lack of information at all about colleges.”

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  • Decimated tax bases in small communities mean decimated schools, and then wealthy philanthropists offer their “help” through charter schools or scholarships.

    “The strategy of getting rich on cheap labor in foreign countries while offering a sop to America’s poor with charity seems to me a wicked form of indirection. If these wealthy chief executives are such visionaries, why don’t they understand the simple fact that what people want is not a handout along with the uplift ditty but a decent job?”

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