Social Class Links 10/02/2015

  • While I see much of value in the new admissions processes announced by 80 “leading” colleges this week, I read language such as this and think about the vast differences in parents’ capacities for providing feedback on academic work, about the dearth of mentors in many low-income high schools, and the very high numbers of students assigned to each high school advisor in too many schools. This system addresses none of these obstacles.

    ” I also am excited that the application process promises to be a resource for first-generation college students and those from underrepresented groups or low-income households. For example, a student from a low-income background can now use the collaborative platform to invite mentors, advisers, a parent and others to engage in a dialogue. They can provide feedback directly on the platform and let the student know if what he or she is producing is on the right track. I see enormous possibilities for students in these groups to be empowered by the options and flexibility this platform will provide. I also hope that starting earlier in the process will give them a college mind-set.”

    tags: socialclass

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