Social Class Links 07/10/2015

  • Via Twitter today, a 10 year old in the Hamptons. I am amused, but have no way of verifying authenticity of this interview!

    “What’s your allowance?
    It’s $350 a month, but if I run out, I’ve memorized my mom’s credit card number so I’m covered.
    What do you spend it on?
    Lunch, Starbucks, gadgets. I also do Postmates three times a week in the city. My mom never knows it’s coming until it arrives. In the Hamptons, I like Surf Shop, but I don’t know how to surf.
    What do you think your allowance should be?
    About $700 a month seems fair.
    You have a credit card. What kind?
    I have a Gold AmEx. Sometimes at stores they question me, like when I was buying chocolate recently, and they looked to my nanny to see if she was going to pay, but I gave them my credit card and they said, “Aren’t you a little young for this?””

    tags: socialclass

  • Politicians misreading their own experiences with those of much less privileged families:

    “”There are such big problems in student debt,” she said, but a couple with six-figure incomes borrowing in excess of $300,000 “isn’t one of them.””

    tags: socialclass

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