Social Class Links 01/30/2015

  • The tests are still never designed to evaluate teacher quality and aren’t a reliable (in the statistical use of the term) measures for doing so, so I have mixed feelings about trying to refine their use in teacher evaluation by factoring in poverty.

    But at least they acknowledge poverty.

    “Teacher ranking and evaluation systems are often criticized for favoring teachers in low-poverty, resource-rich schools. In particular, value-added models, which seek to isolate teachers’ impact on students’ test scores, have been scrutinized for their alleged potential to overstate the quality of teachers in well-resourced schools, since outside factors in such communities may create more fertile ground for student improvement. This difference in teacher rankings, in turn, can make it more difficult for struggling schools to attract quality teachers.”

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  • “Harvard raised over a billion dollars just last year.”

    How far would that go for one community college?
    RT @deandad: The Harvard Challenge: what just one year of Harvard’s donations could accomplish at a community college…

    tags: socialclass

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