Social Class Links 12/07/2014

  • Priviliged white parenst

    Privileged white parents become involved in improving their diverse neighborhood schools. Little mention of low-income or parents of color beyond their demographics and the appreciation of “other” parents.

    “Essentially, the “school choice” movement, embraced by our district for decades, encouraged concerned parents to “choice” their children into niche magnet schools, themed charters, or typical public schools in other neighborhoods where the scores were higher and other data less daunting to them.”

    tags: socialclass

  • Complicated and shifting class relationships in Britain.

    “The more unequal Britain becomes, he said, “the less we want to talk about it.” Britain is a nation of “inverted snobs,” because to claim one cares about class “is, in itself, a low-class indicator.””

    tags: socialclass

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