Last Day: First Generation Students Telling Their Stories

First Gen las supporters

My team and I have been in awe of the support we’ve gotten from over 160 people for our project of creating Digital Stories with First Generation students across the country.

The funding goal of $10,000 was set by our coaches who believed that “we’d find success” at that goal.  Our coaches are great, but they don’t know how deeply so many of us care about First Gen students, access, voice, and advocacy.

We blasted past their first goal for us in just 5 days.  They’d thought that would take 4 weeks.

We’d love to blast past this goal today.  Every dollar we raise over the $10,000 will go to building out the mobile storytelling lab and covering the actual costs of the workshops.

Will you help to put us over the top today?

The site closes at 11:59 PST.

My thanks in advance for sharing this post and donating even $5 (or more, if that education = success thing has worked out f or you).

UPDATE:  We’ve blasted past the goal set for us and are elated that generous supporters are continuing to build this community!  We’re well on the way to covering more of the full costs of our workshops!  Please join us!

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