Social Class Links 12/03/2014

  • “Needs blind” admissions policies do not level playing fields, in spite of the public relations that such policies might bring to elite colleges.

    “So, what is the fix? Should we end the use of need-blind policies? In some cases, yes. Wealthy, elite institutions that are unable to admit appropriate numbers of students from poor families through a need-blind policy should instead become “access aware.” In the lingo of college admissions, they should give students from poor families a “bump” when assessing their applications. It can clearly be done: Many institutions give comparable advantages to the children of alumni.”

    tags: socialclass

  • Because it is so often used to attribute poverty to values rather than structural elements in the economy, I try to avoid the term “cycle of poverty”, but Annie E. Casey does excellent analysis of children in poverty.

    “Nearly half of the nation’s families with young children struggle to make ends meet. A new KIDS COUNT policy report makes the case for creating opportunity for families by addressing the needs of parents and their children simultaneously.”

    tags: socialclass

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