First Generation Student Voices: The Generosity Abounds


Jane Presenting 2 (2)

Two days into this campaign to raise funds for First Generation Student digital storytelling workshops around the country, and I’m humbled by the generosity.

We have $5 donations from students, $100 donations from old college friends  that I haven’t seen for years, multiple donations from academic peeps who get that together, we can fund what foundations and grant makers won’t.

But it’s only day three, and we still have a ways to go.

We were advised by our coaches to be cautious in setting our target, even while this project needs at least twice that $5000.

It’s very exciting that we’re on target to blast past that caution and fully fund this project.

Perhaps our coaches didn’t get that First Gen Students and their supporters are tenacious.

I hope that you’ll join us, with $5, $50, or more.     Student voices will be heard in these deliberations about how First Generation Students can thrive in college.


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