Hearing the Stories of First Generation Students













I spent almost all of my years in school and much of my young adulthood trying to hide that I did not have enough money for the things I needed — and wanted.

So it is a new and frankly exciting experience for me to be planning the launch of a “crowdfunding” campaign with an amazing team, most of whom were  first-generation students themselves.  We have a powerful idea, and now we’re inviting friends, family, colleagues, and anyone who knows the importance of hearing others’ stories to pitch in with $5 or $50 –or even just the generosity of sharing news about the campaign with others.

We will create a “mobile story lab” to take to campuses across the country to craft digital stories of Being First. We’ll share these stories on campuses and in a digital archive.  These stories will be heard.

In the workshops, we’ll work together for three days to find our stories and to then weave together recordings of our voices, our images and video clips, and sound to represent the complexities of crossing social borders into the world of college, that world where many of us felt both more at home and more alone than we had in any other place.

We will be launching our campaign on Monday.  I’ll update here when we launch.

I’d be honored if you would join us!

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