Listening to First Generation Students: You can help

Gentle Readers,

If you’ve been at Education and Class for any time at all, you’ll know of my commitments to First Generation students, my growing interest in digital media for amplifying voices that would not otherwise be heard, and my particular interest in bringing these two areas together.

With my partners Class Action, I’m launching a project to take digital storytelling workshops to campuses across the country. Because it is so challenging to find funding through traditional foundations and grants for projects in which we *listen* to First Generation students before rushing in to try to fix what ails them, we are experimenting with Crowd Funding this project.

I’d be very very grateful if readers of this blog would join this project by being part of the network who will be publicizing the project launch and then updates along the way.   Our platform (and academic-only site) will provide you with some video-based training and ideas for spreading the word.  You’d post on your blogs, Facebook pages, emails to supporters of First Gen students, or other networks.

This would take less than an hour a week.  You’d be making it possible for First Gen students across the country to work together to craft elegant multi-media stories of their time in college, you’ll be learning something about fund-raising for projects that don’t interest more conventional funders, and you’ll be part of creating a digital portal for these stories so that we can all learn from the storytellers.

If you’d be willing to consider helping us to spread the word about this project as we approach launch (Planned for October  27),  and then during the four week campaign, you can  find much more information at the link below:

Champion Sign Up Page

Thank you so much!


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