Social Class Links 07/26/2014

  • I’m not convinced that wealthier parents raise more moral, compassionate, thoughtful, creative, or healthy children than lower-income parents. I do believe that wealthier parents are much more savvy about avoiding scrutiny of their lives.

    Children raised by privileged parents to be morally grounded and compassionate do not make comments like those made on this article in Slate.

    “Worst of all, according to her, was that the Slate headline emphasized the “P word” – “poverty.” “When you put a photograph of a young girl doing something and then say the reason is poverty, viewers separate themselves,” Ms. Kenneally said. She added that the word “poverty” introduces a moralizing element. “The whole purpose of the project is to find a new way to talk about these social issues,” she explained. Without context, Ms. Kenneally said, viewers were cut off from the culture and circumstances that define her subjects’ lives.”

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  • I’m about to start Piketty’s somewhat daunting book, so love this Cliff Notes version.

    tags: socialclass

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