And More on the “You Can Save Money if You Have Money” Front

Two companies in Colorado have promised to help out-of-state students pay the much lower in-state tuition rates.    Parents who can find out about such services and can provide the paperwork can save thousands of dollars, with the companies apparently then taking their cut on what’s saved.

When I was in grad school, I heard about out- of- state students buying plots in cheaper cemeteries to convince reviewers that they planned to stay in the state forever, and along with registering to vote, this sometimes got them in-state tuition rates.

When I’d tell my classes about this, they’d laugh at how clever this was.

It was most effective to elicit those laughs shortly after someone had expressed moral outrage at “fraud” they’d assumed some poor person had done (the stories of food stamps spent on luxury goods at the grocery store, the tales of free lunch kids in schools wearing designer clothes).

As with my post earlier today, gaming the system is is admired when it’s people who could afford what they’re gaming, but moral failing when people are poor.


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