New First Generation Digital Storytelling Project

Last summer, I had the privilege of leading a group of faculty, staff, students, and librarians who were first in their families to attend college in a three-day digital storytelling workshop about our experiences of Being First.    After we showed the stories to one another on our final afternoon, we had a rich conversation about the power of telling ones’ story in  the company of others with similar (yet distinctive) experiences.   Later in the year, we showed the stories on campus at a public event and led a conversation with the broader campus community about how we might better serve the many First Generation students on our campus.

You can find some of these stories and the write-up that appeared on our campus website  here.


I’m very pleased to now be partnering with Class Action to offer these workshops at other campuses in the coming year.

Shall we talk together and tell stories of Being First?

Information about the workshops can be found here.

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