Social Class Links 08/03/2013

  • The high stresses of being poor, framed as a problem not only of social justice but also of public health.

    “the more helpless one feels when facing a given stressor, they argue, the more toxic that stressor’s effects.

    That sense of control tends to decline as one descends the socioeconomic ladder, with potentially grave consequences. Those on the bottom are more than three times as likely to die prematurely as those at the top. They’re also more likely to suffer from depression, heart disease and diabetes. Perhaps most devastating, the stress of poverty early in life can have consequences that last into adulthood.”

    tags: social class

  • Berkeley receives 53,000 applicants a year.  Application readers know how to weigh advantages that wealthy families can buy, like expensive volunteer trips, but are much less clear on how to find markers of potential success in the applications of lower-income kids.

    tags: social class

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