Social Class Links 05/14/2013

  • For-profit independent high schools in New York City serve welathy international students who move to the US early to gain an edge in college admissions.

    And yet we continue to be told that we can test our way into level playing fields for poor and working class kids in rural schools, small towns, and poor neighborhoods of cities.

    Too many poor immigrant children from Mexico and Latin America languish in classrooms with few resources for language support.   At this school, students are provided translation software, adult note takers, and special language classes for keeping up with the rigorous curriculum.  

    “The students settled into studio apartments in a residential tower on Wall Street above a Tiffany & Company store and across from a Trump office building. The apartments feature marbled bathrooms, bean bags and bunk beds. The students are supervised by a team of houseparents who live in the same building and serve as round-the-clock caretakers to help ease their transition to a new city. The total tuition: $68,000 a year, compared with $36,400 for nonboarders.”

    tags: social class

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