Social Class Links 05/11/2013

  • Yet more on the shift in financial aid from the lowest income students to wealthier students.   Are we talking to our state and federal legislators about this?

    “The report finds that over the past two decades colleges have made a dramatic switch in how they use the majority of their financial aid. Schools have gone from helping to make college more affordable for those with the greatest financial need to strategically awarding merit aid to students who can increase their standings in rankings like U.S. News & World Report and bring in more revenue. This report identifies colleges that are committed to enrolling low-income students and charging them affordable prices and others that are stingy with their admissions slots, their financial aid dollars, or both.”

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  • Policy makers refuse to believe that poverty matters in explaining gaps in school performance, so they’re likely to also deny that wealth matters in ensuring that higher end of those gaps are a moving target, regardless of what we do in school.

    Still, at least some scholars are talking about this. 

    Dr. Kornrich and Dr. Furstenberg warn that social mobility is in jeopardy. “In the race to the top, higher-income children are at an ever greater advantage because their parents can and do spend more on child care, preschool, and the growing costs of postsecondary education,” they write. “Thus, contemporary increases in inequality may lead to even greater increases in inequality in the future as advantage and disadvantage are passed across the generations through investment.”

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