Social Class Links 08/15/2012

  • In my high school, every one I knew worked as many hours as they could in the summer, either to afford things like cars that that parents couldn’t buy or to save for college. One of the most sought-after jobs was in the canning factories that ran 24 hours a day. We did go to the public pool on days off, but to have heard that summer was about leisure would have astounded us.

    To have heard that others were using that time to raise their competitive advantages against me would have been devastating.

    “Summer can be a glorious time for children in the Hamptons. There are surf camps and horseback-riding camps, paddle boarding and pool time, long stretches of pristine beach. But because the kind of money that pays for a summer in the Hamptons also buys access to expensive tutoring, the season has also become prime prep time, a chance for children decamped from the city to get an uninterrupted jump on their studies, standardized testing and college admissions.”

    tags: social class

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