Social Class Links 02/18/2010

  • “The Foreclosure Generation documents the experiences of families who are forced to leave their homes due to a foreclosure. Families interviewed generally had exhausted all available resources in an effort to keep their homes, were unable to secure assistance from their mortgage servicer, and often relied on relatives and friends for shelter and assistance. Marital discord, anxiety, depression, children’s poor performance in school, financial loss, and strained relationships between parents and children were among the consequences reported.”

    tags: social class

  • “The Horatio Alger narrative maintains its hold in the United States. A Gallup/USA Today poll last year found that three-quarters of Americans still believe that if you work hard and follow the rules, you can achieve the American Dream.

    But a large number of people also tell pollsters that it is becoming harder to get ahead, that tension is rising between rich and poor, that the rich are rich because of connections and fortunate birth.”

    tags: Social class

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