Social Class Links 08/27/2009

  • Trends in this year’s SAT scores:

    “The growing gaps are even more visible when examined by income level. As in past years, there is a fairly direct pattern: the more money a student’s family earns, the higher the SAT scores. But this year’s figures show not only the gap, but its growth.”

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One thought on “Social Class Links 08/27/2009

  1. Alex August 29, 2009 / 11:24 am

    No one can really take this College Board data seriously. Is the gap between ethnic groups a problem? Sure, and it is nearly entirely attributable to income, wealth and education gaps between the races. Also, the score gaps between income groups is pathetically small. Indeed, as someone who regularly follows news on income gaps and its consequences, this seems quite trivial, irrelevant. If a kid from a family making over 200k a year is not scoring at least 1800-1900 on the new SAT (I took the old one), then clearly these kids are lazy beyond comprehension, or neglected mentally in the extreme. Either way, no amount of money would allow them to get in any university or liberal arts college with any academic standards or reputation. So, quite the contrary to the College Boards ridiculous spinning and pandering to paranoid liberals, the data don’t merit attention, and indeed would seem to point to income being a much less potent influence on academic credentials and results than may commonly be assumed.

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