On the Bus

He was one of those funny drivers,  quipping as he called out the stops, bantering with the people up front, pronouncing the names of local businesses in phony French.

He slammed on the brakes, yelled “incoming” .   A small red car had stopped suddenly in front of the bus, the driver deciding late to attempt a turn.

Crash averted, he yelled “Yeah, that one looked like a college degree. You can tell them a mile off.  Those folks are meeeean”.

The weary  people in the front rows laughed.

Later, chatting  with a rider about the economy, he quipped that Marx said that we’d never have a revolution as long as people had big screen TVs and could watch a few car chases every night.

It was class analysis played for humor on the bus, and while the people in the front rows laughed, I wasn’t at all clear if I should hide or flaunt the academic book on class that I was reading at the time.  It did not seem an obvious symbol of solidarity.

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