Will We Really?

The Forum for Education and Democracy is urging us to be part of moving forward from  the hopes of a new presidency to the hard work of creating change with their National Campaign for Public Education:

Sign their petition if you believe that:

  • Every Child Deserves as 21st Century Education
  • Every Community Deserves an Equal Chance
  • Every Child Deserves a Well Supported Teacher
  • Every Child Deserves High Quality Health Care

2 thoughts on “Will We Really?

  1. Jose Rivera February 4, 2009 / 8:32 pm

    Is Obama going to still say to all the college grads who can’t pay their student loans and can’t get any job at all, that education is the key to a better life? Is this myth going to be perpetrated forever? Get an education and everything will be rosy? Give me a break. A college education means nothing and so a grade school and high school education really mean nothing. And what is he going to do for the people who are now getting their social security, disability, unemployment checks taken by the student loan companies because we were all fed this myth and now owe our financial futures to Sallie Mae?

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