Social Class Links

My browser too closely mirrors my life. In any given week, I hold multiple tabs open with resources, ideas, readings, projects that I believe – against all evidence – that I’ll get back to when I have more time.

And among these many resources are things that I want to blog about.  You know – when I have more time.

And it too rarely happens.

So I’m experimenting with a new (to me) system. I bookmark many of those sites using Diigo, annotate them briefly, and then tag them with “Social class”.  I then have set up the Diigo tool “auto blog post”  to send things thus tagged to the blog once a week.

So, I can still write without getting mired in the lack of time to write more about everything.  I get to close some of these tabs, information is shared if not always written about extensively, and I learn just a bit more about sharing information digitally.

Except of course this week, when the links didn’t post.  But I think that I’ve fixed that.

Stay tuned!

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