While you were out …

I’m back from a few weeks away (nothing like pedaling long distances day after day in hot, hilly terrain to make one forget that one even owns a computer) to the now-ritualistic slog through the digital aggregate awaiting my return.

Some gems that I’ve uncovered so far:

  • Mike Rose’s eloquent examination of the cheap ridicule of community organizing in Republican campaign speeches and the lost opportunity for educating the citizenry about the place of organizing in American civic life.
  • Lane Kentworthy’s straightforward representation of the very slow growth of median family income relative to overall economic growth, as more of the economic spoils go to those at the top.

I was very pleased, also, to find a number of new commentors who posted while I was gone.  Welcome, and keep talking!

And now, with one last glance at that photo of the view of the top of that last long climb, it’s back to the email, to the blog aggregator, to my calendar that grows more full the hour.

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