$30K for Kindergarten

It’s not new news that educational advantage starts very early for the children of the wealthy, but the competition for admission to kindergartens charging $30,000 tuition has apparently intensified, in spite of the economic downturns in  much of the rest of the country.

A family member does physical labor for a small business that went through a round of layoffs a few months ago (he survived) and that is now dropping health insurance for the remaining employees (he’s not sure that he can financially survive this, and is justifiably concerned that this is the beginning of the end of his job).

When times get tough for privileged five year olds in New York City,  any number of entrepreneurs step up to fill the void.

When hard working middle-aged men hit hard times,  there’s little profit potential in their circumstances, and they’re pretty much left on their own.

3 thoughts on “$30K for Kindergarten

  1. pinkracer95 August 29, 2008 / 4:34 am

    I personally think that it’s crazy that kindergarten costs 30K and that people are actually paying it. Also, I think that it is unfair that you have to be wealthy in order for your child to get a good education. It’s the middle class that works the hardest for their money yet have the hardest time bettering their child’s future. The price and competitiveness of kindergarten only teaches bad habits to kids from the beginning. It’s sad that this is what the world is coming to…

  2. ryan kovacs September 2, 2008 / 7:31 am

    When in finacial hradships there needs to be a system to help. No child should suffer for problems that they cannot control. Every child deserves a proper education and schools as well as the federal governemnt needs to work togther to help set up a system to help the lower class workers.

  3. Stiles O'Brien September 2, 2008 / 5:19 pm

    30,000 dollars is ridiculous. I don’t care how wealthy or not there should not be any kindergarten that someone has to pay 30 grand a year to send their child to. I don’t think that the school itsels should be aloud to charge that much for education of 5 year olds. That is just flat out ridiculous.

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