Straight Talk About Class

Ok, NOW, we’re talking about class, as Ali Eteraz writes (among many other important things)

Anytime the media wants to cast aspersions upon Obama, to diminish his chances to be elected, to give voice to smears against him, to suggest that he is a Muslim, or a black-nationalist, or a socialist, or a Eunuch, or some Chameleonesque mixture of all of those things, suddenly these concerns are put in the mouth of “the working class.”

Read the whole essay. It is worth the effort of a mouse click, and once you’re there you’ll keep reading.

Trust me.

3 thoughts on “Straight Talk About Class

  1. Joe May 9, 2008 / 2:58 am

    I was wondering if/when you were going to say something about how this whole conversation is being framed. The pejorative use of “class” is nothing short of stunning, and personally disgusts me. I wonder if it’s a reflection of the fact that we’re so isolated in our worldviews (and communities), that we have little sense of the other. I think this is especially true with the establishment press. That Fox News thing you posted is really just the worst of an already terrible and mostly useless fourth estate.

  2. janevangalen May 9, 2008 / 6:43 am

    Hi, Joe,

    I have to talk with someone about why they scheduled this amazing campaign when I’m too busy to blog — I have so many unfinished drafts that may never see the light of day because I’ve been buried in so many other things.

    It is, however, a great time to be teaching my course about education and class because the students are hearing such an incredible discourse about class in the media and are attuned to the significance of that discourse in pretty interesting ways.

    And any number of my students have commented this quarter that they had no idea how they’re just realizing how class-isolated they’ve lived most of their lives.

    These are indeed interesting times.

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