Telling it Like it Is

Science (and so much more) blogger Joe Henderson tells it like it is in his link-rich post as he invites us to “enjoy” class matters that have been crossing his radar.

He writes:

It seems to me that [class] is the most salient issue facing social systems right now. My sense is that we’re beginning to enter a time that might finally be right to have the “courageous conversation” about social class. I hope we’re capable of having this conversation… I hope…

So, who’s ready to move this conversation forward?

One thought on “Telling it Like it Is

  1. Venta April 23, 2008 / 8:34 am

    After the “bitter” story, several news pundits suggested that Barack Obama should have made a speech similar to the one he made on race. It would have been a great time for any of the candidates to generate a discussion about class in America. Cable news stations could also do a story on class in America rather than discuss how a candidate could get himself out of a political gaffe.

    That’s why it was refreshing to see Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on the Colbert Report Monday night. (The interview is available online at the Colbert Report web site). Senator Sanders discussed the inequities in the class system in America. He also responded to Colbert’s tongue in cheek remark that taxing billionaires is punishing them for being wealthy. (And isn’t that what we’re told it is?). Kudos to Colbert for bringing the issue of class on his show.

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