Discourse on Class Privilege, Growing Ever More Interesting

A few days ago, I lamented the absence of more diverse voices among the gigabites of text generated by the Privilege Meme.

I stand humbly corrected by the The Paper Chase and My Private Casbah bloggers, who enrich the discourse with complex dimensions of gender, race, rurality, and geography.

And, indeed, deprivation.

2 thoughts on “Discourse on Class Privilege, Growing Ever More Interesting

  1. bint alshamsa January 12, 2008 / 2:39 am

    Hello Professor Van Galen,

    I read what you wrote in the other post about how so many people have (mis)used this exercise and turned it into yet another means of denying the privileged backgrounds. I felt a bit inspired by that and I decided to try and write a post where I was really honest about my experiences instead of focusing on who else might have had it better than me. I don’t know whether or not I accomplished that but you’re welcome to comment on what I owned up to.

    Shedding My Class Privilege Denial

  2. janevangalen January 13, 2008 / 2:13 pm


    Thanks so much for coming over here to comment. Your blog post that I linked to here was by far one of the more thoughtful things I’d read in all of the hundreds of blogs in this whole “meme” cycle. So many of the people who wrote about privilege in these last weeks saw the question as simply “yes or no” — and your post so eloquently raised much more complicated questions.

    Thanks for pushing my thinking, and I’ll head over to your blog soon to read more.


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