Class Based Affirmative Action

From the Huffington Post, this essay by Matthew Schweiger on class-based affirmative action, with examples of programs from UNC Chapel Hill, Amherst, and Harvard.

In Schweiger’s words,

In essence each of these institutions has America’s uncertain future at mind and, ultimately, an equally valuable vision of how to create a stronger democracy as we continue to proceed into the 21st century.

Refreshingly, there’s not yet a barrage of comments about admitting “the underqualifieed” and the inevitable decline of the academy if we started admitting people who could not afford select lacrosse teams or eco-service trips to Costa Rica. But stay tuned…

One thought on “Class Based Affirmative Action

  1. Jeanne October 27, 2007 / 1:54 pm

    I have a concern about the ‘underqualified’ but not because Harvard shouldn’t admit them. I’m concerned that elite colleges have a culture and expectations of a certain culture that keep the schools inaccessible to even the ‘qualified’ poor student. And so many times, this culture deficit looks like intellectual deficit.

    At least this was my experience having grown up working class.

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